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At PODMAP we believe that it’s a basic human right, to be able to receive letters and packages anywhere in the world, even without an official address

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Growing shipping industry will demand creation of universally acceptable and identifiable points of delivery and pick up for every individual and organization
At PODMAP we believe that, among other basic human rights, are the right for confidentiality and the right to receive shipments even without an official address
PODMAP's mission is to help identify universally recognized and accepted points of delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

PODMAP is an online platform, which helps to connect parties wishing to have a reliable delivery address and those who can provide such address
Users can be individuals or organizations
Registered hosts are individuals or organizations, capable of providing their secure address to clients, for receiving goods, packages and mail
Any individual or organization that needs a safe, reliable and secure delivery address
Hosts get paid by clients using the PODMAP app, at the end of each transaction, after packages exchange hands
Yes, hosts can either wait for their clients to pick up their packages, or deliver at an additional cost
Yes, clients can remain anonymous to their hosts. It is up to the hosts to decide whether to deal with anonymous clients
No, hosts cannot be anonymous. In fact, host must be verified and trusted by their community of clients
PODMAP can be used anywhere in the world, wherever clients decide they need a delivery address, either for one-time delivery, or multiple deliveries

Get a reliable address at a reasonable price

Find your host anywhere in the world!

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While our PODMAP app is still in development, we’re excited to share it looks!

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